Downtown Ubud

Crashed hard last night and woke up to a thousand rousters at 5 in the morning. Our accomodations at Ina Inn are simple and set on a small rice field. 21 bucks a day gets you your own room and bath plus free breakfast. There is also a small pool with a nice view.

After a small breakfast and chat with a retired American, we set out to explore a bit. The architecture here is very ornate, even for simple houses. We step past many locals setting out little "offerings", consistent with Hindu religion. They are basically little plates adorned with flowers and a little food.

First thing we do is head to the Monkey Forest, which is a 10 min walk from our place. We were warned to keep shiny things put away, lest they be stolen. Plus Carrie's collegue was bitten here by a hungry expectant monkey last month. No thanks monkeys. It's interesting to see so many little monkeys running around, but also a little sad because the whole scene feels contrived.

I'm eager for some good local food and we stop at The Lotus for a quick bite. I am smitten with the traditional Pepes Ikan which is spiced fish filet wrapped in banana leaf.

Ubud is quite busy and crowded. Narrow streets host little restaurants, "art" dealers, and other tourist traps. You constantly get harrased by taxi drivers. I'm now looking forward to a little less hustle and bustle.

Next we walk to the Neka art musuem. I like history, but can't stand musuems. Carrie loves reading the captions. Each and every one. After busting out of there we go get $6 hour long massages then enjoy a short dip at the pool.

We got word about a good restaurant for dinner as well some Balinese style dancing at a local temple for tonight's entertainment.

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