Hoi An

After a down day in Na Trang, we take the bus to Hoi An. This route is an overnight bus, filled mostly with tourists and this time we get a more modern bus. One sleeping pill and 12 hours later we arrive at 7 in the morning. Hoi An is a quaint little town on the river not far from the coast. It's known for hundreds of tailor shops and good cuisine. A good bit of rain settled in our first day here and our time was spent lazily shopping and eating.

First thing we do is rent a couple of old beater bikes and ride 4 km to the beach. At the beach, vendors compete with each other and lobby hard for your money. We sit at a local's little beach station, which looks more like a kindergarten patio set. We buy a coconut from him for a little over a dollar and then head back to our hotel, Vinh Huy. This was another place that the bus line was in bed with, and the accommodations are decent. As you would expect, these places are filled with tourists and it's nice to chat with a few others at breakfast.

Carrie gets the bug to start shopping here, which is most unusual for her. Often her trips to mall in the States end in frustrations over money and/or fitting, so I encourage her interest. She gets a tailored formal oriental style satin dress for 30 bucks. Not bad. In our 3 day stay in Hoi An she manages to get 2 shorts, 1 pair of dress pants, a winter coat, and a dress at 3 different shops. I also get a dress shirt for 17 dollars. If you come here, you gotta to get something even if you don't need anything. Most of the shops seem to offer the same prices and the same materials. The clothes aren't made in the shop as we see runners transporting clothes to and from. One thing to note is that the prices at the shops we visited weren't negotiable and these guys seem to have formed some sort of price fixing co-op.

We really enjoyed the food while here. Cafe Des Amis is run by a Vietnamese trained In Europe. He offers a fixed 5 course meal in meat, vegetarian, and fish. Also, The Tropics offer good American and Vietnamese food.

Next stop is Hanoi. We'll catch a couple of buses, one of which is a sleeper that comprises a full day's travel.

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  1. Glad to hear that you both are safe with all that is going on in the Western Pac--weather, earthquakes, stray dogs....

    We have loved catching up on the travels over the past few weeks. We just got back to Boulder yesterday and are coming up to speed on your great journey. Sounds awesome and we can't wait for the first hand reports, perhaps over a shot of Absinthe--our new-found Grecian discovery.

    Glad that you got in some surf time, Trent. And Carrie, Michelle was impressed with the shopping...she thinks that you probably came out better than she did from Greece ; ).

    When will you both be back for a Southern Sun trip?--Michelle and Charlie


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