Nusa Lembongan

We hitch a ride to Nusa Lembongan with a fisherman. The boat ride was very nice until we reach ridiculous swells. We get pretty wet, but once we get to our destination we realized it was all worth it! I LOVE Nusa Lembongan as it seems to be more our style. We first find a really cool place to stay called Bunga Bungalow. It has a lot of character, a great restaurant (the nasi goreng is to die for...I suspect it may have crack in it), and there are places to lounge and watch the amazing surf that rolls into the island. The first day Trent and I rent a scooter bike and travel around the island, which is particularly small (takes 4 hours on scooter to get around the island). We hear there is a cremation ceremony and take off on our scooter to check it out. WOW ~ is all I can say. They have large contraption, referred to as a Wadah, that is decorated and carries the dead and mourners to the cremation site. Once the dead is placed down at the cremation site it is set on fire. This is pretty amazing to see since the Wadah's are very elaborately decorated. Nearly all the habitats of the island attended the ceremony (this is a relief to be around locals rather than other tourists)!

After we leave the ceremony, we take off to see rural places on the island. We come upon two little boys take us to an amazing area where you can watch the waves crash into rock walls. It is very breathtaking and the power of the swells are quite overwhelming.

The next day we do two dives. Getting to the first dive site (Crystal Bay) was somewhat nerve racking - the current was really strong, so we dove inside the bay to stay away from the current (a local surfer was quoted as saying that the swell of the year had arrived producing large surf and strong currents). The coral was nice, but I believe the visibility may have been hampered by the strong currents. The second dive site (S.D.) was amazing! The hard and soft coral was never ending. Trent saw a barracudas that was 5ft long and I saw 2 moray eels (yes, we were on the same dive, but somehow missed each other's most memorable parts of the dive)! The book we used to chose the dive site noted S.D. as having world class coral and it did not disappoint! We met a nice couple from the Netherlands and hung out with them for lunch. After talking with this couple and another couple couple from the Netherlands, Trent and I resolve to move to a European country where it is typical to get 40 days a year for vacation. It is very strange, but we notice that people from the US are not typically world travelers. It is a heavy load, but if we have to do all the traveling for US citizens I am sure we can manage! I am so excited to take off to Vietnam tomorrow. If it were not for Adonis and Buddy, I would be more inclined to travel for years at a time. You may think this is absurd, however it is very common for people from Europe/Australia/New Zealand to travel for months at a time at our age- the US has it all wrong! At our age, we are pressured to build a respectable career and buy a home and get ready to have kids. Hmmmm....


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