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Hello from Padang Bai, Bali! Trent and I spent the last two days completing our diving certificate. We stayed in Sanur, Bali near the dive shop. The hotel we stayed at Sindhu Mertha Suite was really nice http://www.sindhumertha.com. Our room overlooked the pool.

The first day of diving was somewhat uneventful. We went diving off the coast of Sanur and it was somewhat choppy. We did two dives the first day to complete most of our "skills" for the course. The second day we went diving off the coast of Tulamben. The diving site was at the shipwreck US Liberty, which was a US warship torpedoed by the Japanese army during World War II. There was coral all over the ship and the fish were amazing. We also saw a HUGE school of fish. A woman just ahead of us on the dive said she saw a black-tipped shark ~ I wish we would have seen that! Overall, the dive was pretty awesome.

After we got our diving certificate we packed up and headed to Padang Bai. It is a port city that has a lot of character. We have been to Ubud (known for art, dancing, and festivals) and Sanur (coast city used as a hub for diving) in Bali, Indonesia; but I am not a huge fan yet. Maybe it is the places we have chosen to visit thus far!? Trent and I tend to find the places we like most at the end of our travels, so I am keeping my hopes up that we will find somewhere we truly enjoy in Bali. We do not really like touristy places and have found Bali to have more tourists than expected. We decided to come to Bali for the diving as we were told is the best in the world; thus we will be doing another dive off the coast of Nusa Lembongan (a little island we are setting off to the day after tomorrow). Our dive instructor, who has been diving for over 15 years, said it is the best site here in Bali!

Trent will be surfing tomorrow off the coast east coast. He is really excited since he has not been surfing since we lived in San Diego.

We booked a flight to Vietnam today! We are really stoked to set out to see another culture and enjoy the great food:)


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