Travel Purgatory - Singapore

After a day and a half of travel we've landed in Singapore. It's been an odd day between lack of sleep and a 14 hr layover until the flight to Bali. We'd heard that the Singapore airport is replete with a movie theatre, swimming pool, and even a hotel. The plan was to kill time between flights at the hotel and hopefully adjust a bit to the time change (10 hrs ahead of Denver). Unfortunately all the cheap rooms were full. But since it was 1 in the morning and we were wide awake, we hung out until we could explore a bit. Turns out all of the in-airport fun requires you to have a boarding pass, so forget the pool, movie, or tour. Yep, the airport even does a 2 hr bus tour of the city.

Got some quick breakfast of Mi Siam (sp?), a short nap, and we bought 2 light rail (MRT) tickets to the center of the city. From there we caught a taxi to the botanical gardens. The brief experience in Singapore affirms what we heard: shopping is king in this city. Truely a consumeristic mecca.

The gardens were a nice repose from plane seats and terminals. Most of it is like a well kept park, and we paid the $3.50 to see the orchid garden. We didn't feel like shopping (note the packs), so we headed back to the airport to kill another few hours.

Delerium is setting in now, and we buy a new digital camera at the super airport (note all these pix so far are from the iPhone). What's key here is there is a display on the front for easy self portaits. Props to the Indian salesman who sold Carrie on the idea despite the fact that his breath could peel paint off the walls.

We catch an evening flight to Bali, and travel is done for a bit. We are staying at the Ina Inn in Ubud tonight. Found these guys through our budget travel book. Forget the online reservations, I ended up calling because I don't think they check their email. Big plus on getting Skype setup before we left, which saved time and money. No definite plans tomorrow, we are pretty whiped.

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