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Scuba 101

Today was the first lesson, of two, for our PADI confined water certification. Carrie was a bit nervous at first, but she settled in after some equipment malfunctions. The mask she bought was too big and flooded constantly. And her regulator separated from the mouthpiece, which freaked out the instructor.

The dive shop has highly recommend Bali, and we'll do our final cert dives there. The biodiversity in Bali is amazing, not to mention the abundance of solid surf breaks. Our plan changes daily, but we're thinking or first week will be spent there. I highly recommend traveling with a flexible schedule. Expectations change as you travel, and you don't want to miss out on an awesome recommendation because of an itinerary.

We've really enjoyed our experience so far breathing underwater. It's like snorkeling on crack. We're currently regrouping at Southern Sun with a fantastic double IPA, looking forward to our trip in a week and a half.

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