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Surfing misadventures

Desperate to get in the water, I hire a guide to pick me up at Padang Bai. I agree to mutual extortion for the guide to drive out of his way as well as to rent a board. We roll up to Keramas and I see that the low tide has exposed the reef, but the swell isn't too intimidating for my first time in the water in almost 2 years. Has it really been that long? I follow the guide walking gingerly on the reef. There are only 3 other guys in the water, including a couple of spongers (body boarders). The guide drops in on a couple of 5 - 6 foot rights. I follow suit by dropping in on a beautiful set, and face plant. What the shit just happened? That pulls me pretty close to the reef and I end up getting a little cut up on my feet. One or two more face plants later, and I catch a couple of decent rights. Tide fills in, the size picks up a bit, and so does the crowd. We surf about a half day and head back to the hotel. Surfing isn't like riding a bike. Wish I could have a …

Ocean Views

Hello from Padang Bai, Bali! Trent and I spent the last two days completing our diving certificate. We stayed in Sanur, Bali near the dive shop. The hotel we stayed at SindhuMertha Suite was really nice Our room overlooked the pool.

The first day of diving was somewhat uneventful. We went diving off the coast of Sanur and it was somewhat choppy. We did two dives the first day to complete most of our "skills" for the course. The second day we went diving off the coast of Tulamben. The diving site was at the shipwreck US Liberty, which was a US warship torpedoed by the Japanese army during World War II. There was coral all over the ship and the fish were amazing. We also saw a HUGE school of fish. A woman just ahead of us on the dive said she saw a black-tipped shark ~ I wish we would have seen that! Overall, the dive was pretty awesome.

After we got our diving certificate we packed up and headed to Padang Bai. It is a port city that has a lot of cha…

Inland Tour

Hired a driver today to tour some surrounding areas including some temples, rice fields, and Batur lake. Two words: tourist trap. At times I felt we were at the Baja border crossing coming into the states being peddled some plastic Jesus. But instead of a plastic Jesus it was a surrong, banana, or some manufactured wood carving.

Most of the stops were at temples. These were religious Hindu sites. The scenery was pleasant in some of the areas. Steps of rice paddies decorated steep hillsides. And at the bottom of the valley are colorful decorative buildings and large baskets of fruit offerings.

We had lunch overlooking Batur lake and accompaning volcano. The lunch was ok at best and we joined the multinational tourist brigade at the 4th stop on the days itinerary. Get me outta here.

While our driver gets lost for a bit, we see locals harvesting rice in open fields. Now it feels like a vacation. Arriving in Sanur, our hotel is a bit of an upgrade, we even have AC! We head back t…