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Officially Ho Chi Mihn City, but everyone call it Saigon...and it is pure madness! I can't help but wonder how the traffic works itself out, but somehow it does. Little motorcycles ride every which way on the road and sidewalk. Be prepared to have nerves of steel when crossing the street. There are traffic lights, not necessarily used for pedestrians. Therefore, you must walk into traffic- VERY SLOWLY, looking the people in the eye so that they are aware of you. The millions on motorbikes coming at you will slightly swerve in order for you to continue across the street.

We take a taxi from the airport to our hotel, Quan San, in the popular backpacker district of De Tham. De Tham is smack in the middle of the Saigon craziness, but our hotel is tucked away in a little alley, offering a bit of reprieve from the honking horns and city noise. Our room is pretty small, but has a tv, fridge, AC, and internet all for $16/night.

We're eager to hit the food scene here. I am a big fan of V…

Nusa Lembongan

We hitch a ride to NusaLembongan with a fisherman. The boat ride was very nice until we reach ridiculous swells. We get pretty wet, but once we get to our destination we realized it was all worth it! I LOVE NusaLembongan as it seems to be more our style. We first find a really cool place to stay called Bunga Bungalow. It has a lot of character, a great restaurant (the nasigoreng is to die for...I suspect it may have crack in it), and there are places to lounge and watch the amazing surf that rolls into the island. The first day Trent and I rent a scooter bike and travel around the island, which is particularly small (takes 4 hours on scooter to get around the island). We hear there is a cremation ceremony and take off on our scooter to check it out. WOW ~ is all I can say. They have large contraption, referred to as a Wadah, that is decorated and carries the dead and mourners to the cremation site. Once the dead is placed down at the cremation site it is set on fire. This …