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Dalat and Cental Highlands

We bought an open bus ticket to travel through Vietnam. A number of tour operators sell these, and we couldn't distinguish among the quality/price from our googling. The open bus seems like a convenient way to travel through the county, as you can get on and off at your leisure, but buses typically only depart once per day. You also have the option to get a "sleeper" ticket for a few bucks more. The sleeper is totally worth having the room to spread out for the longer distances traveled.

To depart for the bus we are told to be at the tour company by 7:30. We are promptly led to the bus line hub, and they help us decipher which bus is ours. In Saigon there are a number of buses leaving for local tours and other destinations. There's a mix of more modern buses and those that look like they've been around since the 70's. We got the latter, and our bus broke down about an hour in. At the stop we start chatting with a nice couple from St. Louis. Its actua…