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No surf for almost a week and a half. I feel sad inside, like this

Tears of no surf

However, I am afforded the opportunity to explore the archipelago, study Spanish, and plan our next move after Panama. When we booked our first leg of this journey we had a lot going on with selling the house and tearing down a life. We opted not to buy a round the world ticket, as we prefer the short term freedom over the long term certainty. At first struggling to find an anchor to start our trip, we landed on a simple narrative: learn Spanish, travel South America, and never venture long from surf. A narrative is far from a plan and filling in the pieces has been time consuming, frustrating, but ultimately a crucial piece of our adventures. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the best way to chart travel and I won’t bore our 2 readers with my specific machinations on this topic. Highlighting this week was the effort to book the classic ‘W Circuit’ in Torres del Paine. A process so unnecessarily complicated I nearly turned my laptop into a frisbee on multiple occasions. Anyone within earshot surely thought I had turrets.

Through struggle comes reward and our diligent efforts have paid off. In a week we’ll be flying into Santiago where we will purchase a few trekking necessities. We then jet down to Puerto Natales, in Southern Chile for a 4 day trek in Patagonia. In Torres del Paine we’ll be glamping in refugios. A few more days in Southern Patagonia and we pop back up to Santiago to pick up my surfboard, God willing, from a friendly Airbnb couple who offered to stow it. Traveling requires me to put a faith in humanity I don’t normally harbor. Just last week Carrie and I hopped into a shaddy looking cab based on the 2 words of Spanish I recognized to a remote location of the jungle for ‘free’. What could go wrong? Luckily, we were delivered to cocoa paradise instead of a mass jungle grave. When I find myself in one of these situations I think of two things. “Nothing ventured, nothing gained”. “Tell me where I’m going to die, so I won’t go there”. The later is a recipe of avoidance for which I suspend disbelief because it’s also a recipe for a boring AF existence.

After I pick up my board in Santiago, we head to Pichilemu. A small surf town in Chile. Surfing there will be a stark contrast to Panama. Cold, foggy, and foreboding waves. Pichilemu can catch some monster swells, buy I’m not ready for 15ft plus bombers yet. Paunch tested me at 9–10 ft sets.

Early April we fly into Cusco, Peru to acclimatize before our private guided trip through an alternate trek to Macchu Picchu. As I write this I have a twinge of guilt for what feels like a travel version of name dropping. Patagonia, private guided tour, Macchu Picchu… You’re probably hoping that I’ll catch some ‘monsters inside me’ virus. Before you go there, understand my purest intentions to keep our readers apprised of travels and promote intercept. We plan to be in Peru for awhile, making our way up the coast surfing, practicing our survival Spanish, and finding unseen adventures. You should join us. Seriously. If for no other reason than to get your very own Fuck Trump Tour t-shirt.

After April, things get fuzzy. Likely Columbia is on the radar. Possibly Ecuador. Maybe Galapagos. We definitely will plan to make our way to Portugal. At the moment it looks like June. If you do want to join us somewhere, drop us a note and we’ll set things in stone.

Coming this week. Grande surf, and carnival. All I know about carnival so far is that kids dress up as little devil’s and carry around home made whips called ‘whippies’. Also, our last week at Habla Ya Spanish school. We’ve met a lot of great people from around the world. It’s been like camp for adults.

Prepping for Carnivale


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