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Settling in to Bocas

Learning Spanish by only hearing Spanish is like trying to become smart by holding a book. Everyone keeps telling me that your brain just magically absorbs nonsense thats consitently uttered directly to your face. Like someday suddenly I’ll write beautiful Spanish prose, play the flamenco guitar, and strike a strong resemblance to Javier Bardem. Imagine your in a room full of people and the speaker asks “whats the square root of 1,5678,490?” and everybody looks at you wondering why the fuck you don’t know the answer. It’s like that every morning for 4 hours. Needless to say, I haven’t had an epiphany yet, but I’ll let you know when lightning strikes.To further our indoctrination into the Panamanian Caribbean life, we are staying with a sweet grandma. She cooks us 2 meals a day and keeps us inline. While eating our tasty pescado last night, she would yell at us to ‘habla espanol’. A phrase has been utered to me in class more than once. As with all things travel, you have to disavow you…

Start of our Extended Travels - Bastimentos, Panama

Bastimentos Bay Our upcoming focus for the next month is learning Spanish through an immersion program, including 4 hours of class a day, in the Panama Caribbean. We came a few days ahead of time to unwind from upheaval and stress of selling our house in Boulder and packing our life in a to go container. For the first 5 days we are staying in Isla Bastimentos within Bocas Del Toro. Bocas is an archipelago of islands that have a low key island life with a mix of Panamanian and Jamaican influence. A number of immigrants from Jamaica came here to build the Canal railroad and work on banana plantations. Most people on the island speak a hybrid of English and Spanish, called Jamaican Creole. We booked our short stay here with Airbnb. Our host, Pamela, was helpful at pointing us towards places to go, as this island isn’t very developed. No Yelp reviews here, but there are a few good eats on the island. Chavela is known for their burgers and Mami’s had some tasty local fare. 15 minute…