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No surf for almost a week and a half. I feel sad inside, like this Tears of no surf However, I am afforded the opportunity to explore the archipelago, study Spanish, and plan our next move after Panama. When we booked our first leg of this journey we had a lot going on with selling the house and tearing down a life. We opted not to buy a round the world ticket, as we prefer the short term freedom over the long term certainty. At first struggling to find an anchor to start our trip, we landed on a simple narrative: learn Spanish, travel South America, and never venture long from surf. A narrative is far from a plan and filling in the pieces has been time consuming, frustrating, but ultimately a crucial piece of our adventures. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the best way to chart travel and I won’t bore our 2 readers with my specific machinations on this topic. Highlighting this week was the effort to book the classic ‘W Circuit’ in Torres del Paine. A process so unnecessari…