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Highlight Reel from Bocas

Our Bocas Family Here goes my debut. As I depart from Panama, I thought it would be fitting to write about the most memorable times or highlights of Panama (sans experiences Trent already wrote about). So here it goes:Arriving at our host’s house, and getting yelled at by her visiting daughter. Apparently she was pissed off at president Trump and I was the most reasonable target. Of course, I had no idea what she was saying as it was all in Spanish. That was a warm welcome!Getting locked inside the studio apartment. Yep, hard to imagine getting locked inside, even when you have the keys. The key on the bolt would not budge. Trent and I started to take inventory - water, check; food, check. There was no getting out through the window - both windows had iron bars that would prevent a break-out, yet they were put there to prevent a break-in. So what to do…I started yelling our hosts name. Luckily, she was able to get the door unlocked from the outside. Although I must admit, I had…