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Our first glimpse of what Patagonia has to offer I considered New Zealand to be the most majestic and awe inspiring of places I’ve visited. That award now belongs to Patagonia. When we arrived in Panama our booked travel consisted of a 1 way ticket to Panama. We had yet to plot our next adventure, which was shaping up to be the Galapagos Islands. As we started to spitball ideas, budget, logistics…one thing jumped out. Patagonia trekking had a window that was fast closing. March was shoulder season for an area well known for its temperamental weather. I dug into research and got excited about a popular route in Torres del Paine. It seemed a compromise between my adventurous outdoor streak and Carrie’s aversion to all things cold and wet. TDP has a series of refugios to stay and eat without the hassle of hauling a tent, sleeping bag, and 6 meals. Booking said refugios was a monster challenge. Availability changes hourly, everything was booked 3 weeks out, the prices aren’t cheap,…