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Taking a break (see the mule train?) Arriving in Peru was a bit chaotic. We were on the clock…our connecting flight was tight and we had to pick up bags and re-check them. Disembarking the plane, there were two different passageways and it wasn’t clear which one we should take. It took 3 airport employees to gather there were different lines (nationals and foreigners) at customs and an entirety different passage way for international connections. Oh, and for whatever reason some people had to complete custom forms, but we didn’t. Funny enough this was a welcome challenge as all the interactions with airport personnel were very pleasant. Peru was a breath of fresh air. If this would have Chile, we would have been ignored us if we didn’t speak perfect Spanish. If we were in Argentina, we would have scolded for not speaking perfect Spanish (this really did happen to me - no kidding). If we were in Panama, people would have been cross to provide any help whatsoever. We were in Peru…